In an ISEB pre-test panic? Design an affordable, high-impact revision plan

In an ISEB pre-test panic? Design an affordable, high-impact revision plan

My Learning Accelerator stands out from the crowd in so many important ways:

  1. The exceptional quality of our 11+ teachers;
  2. The ability of our Pupil Platform to instantly identify areas that need focus and provide a bank of 11+ questions;
  3. Engaging use of activities to support online teaching;
  4. Small groups, capped at a maximum of six pupils – in line with the data that most impacts progress.
Perhaps most importantly of all, My Learning Accelerator provides you with a learning plan tailored to your child, their target school and your budget. We are all about supporting your child to be the very best they can be.


How do we create those plans?
  1. We put you in the hands of Arabella, our Head of Learning.  In her most recent role as Deputy Head of Fulham Senior, Arabella developed and oversaw the implementation of the curriculum as well as the entry and interview process for both 11+ and 13+.
  2. With her wide experience and vast knowledge of the UK’s selective senior school entry systems, Arabella will ask you the right questions to understand your situation, what schools you are targeting and the subjects with which you believe your child needs our support.
  3. We’ll then send you an online diagnostic assessment in the appropriate subject or subjects to identify where your child is ‘at’ and help us plan where they need to ‘be’. The results of this gap analysis are readily available and clearly displayed on your My Learning Accelerator Wheel. At this stage, we can also offer advice on which schools you should be focusing.
  4. Arabella, will then tailor a bespoke plan to enable your child to have the best chance of successfully gaining entry to your target schools.


What does a typical REVISION plan look like?

There isn’t a typical one!

However, each of the plans we put together are based around online lessons and practice questions on the key topics that our experts have identified in each subject that are crucial to success for 11+ and pre-tests.

Our diagnostic testing provides clarity and assurance for topic areas on which your child should be spending their time. So, having identified these, we then suggest which revision lessons and question practice they should complete.

The lessons come in multiple formats, all online, to suit a range of learning styles, budgets and busy diaries. These can be: large or small group sessions; one to one lessons; or access to a recorded video.

Our lessons are all taught by the very best 11+ and pre-test teachers, all of whom are certified or in certification to be Thinking Matters ‘Cognitive Coaches.’ Their lessons and indeed the plan we develop for your child are, accordingly, all based on the science of learning. The result is a transformational understanding of the key cognitive concepts and correspondingly better marks for your child and a renewal of their confidence.

Sample timetable for a pupil, over the Autumn Term, for Grammar school, ISEB Pre-Test and 11+ examinations from October until January:

Topic Lesson & Practice Question Focus
Tuesday 8th September 17:00 Group Maths: Equivalent fractions
Wednesday 9th September 17.00 Group Verbal reasoning: Making new words Non-verbal reasoning: Shapes – size & shading
Monday 14th September 17:30 Group Verbal reasoning: Making new words
Tuesday 15th September 17:00 1:1 Maths: Finding percentages
Thursday 17th September 17:00 Group English: Literary Devices
17:45 Group Maths: Percentages review
Tuesday 23rd September 17:00 Group Maths: Mixed Fractions
Wednesday 24th September 17:00 Group Thinking and Interview skills: Question styles
17:45 Group Verbal Reasoning: Odd ones out
Monday 19th October 09:00 Group Creative Writing
Tuesday 20th October 09.00 Group Creative Writing
Wednesday 21st October 11:00 1:1 Maths: Mixed fractions


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