Our Cutting Edge Technology

Our Cutting Edge Technology

Total Clarity


One of the most difficult things for parents going through the selective school assessment process is to understand what’s required. There are all those different registration, exam and interview dates. Then there is each school setting different styles of exam and requiring different scores to ‘pass’.  What’s the weighting given to English versus Maths versus Reasoning? If you are targeting the independent schools then does the head’s report count for more than the interview and what about Common Entrance scores? 

Our selective senior school wheel has been developed to provide you with a crystal clear, visual overview of where your child is ‘at’ versus where they need to be for your target schools. Your child’s wheel can be accessed at any time by you and your child and is used as a platform for programme setting and progress monitoring during your regular conversations with our Head of Learning.

Online Learning Platform


To diagnose where your child is performing in each subject and topic they take a diagnostic test, the questions of which mimic the English, Maths and Reasoning papers at 11+ and Pre-Test. We deliver those questions and additional mock exam papers through our Digital Learning Platform. The platform allows you to see the details of each of their practice papers and provides hints and solutions to each question with a chance to go back and view any mistakes made.

Track Progress on Charts


This platform also allows you and your child to track their grades from topic to topic: this in turn enables our teaching staff to structure lessons in a way that ensures that the time is maximised so that they are covering a student’s weaker areas or common mistakes.

Engaging and Safe Online Lessons

Engaging pupils is central to the learning cycle. Each of our teachers receive regular training taken from best practice in the online learning community in how to deliver online lessons that captivate learners.

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us. All of our teachers are DBS certified and we have robust safeguarding strategies to ensure that our online lessons are private and secure.

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It removed so much of the worry for us all. Ben was more confident, his progress improved remarkably and he loved the lessons!

James, North Sheen

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