Our Team of Educational Experts

Our Team of Educational Experts

Our Founders

Ali Wade

Ali is a Director of Thinking Matters, experts in supporting schools to develop independent, metacognitive learners. He holds a number of other advisory positions in ed-tech businesses across the tutoring and learning spaces. With a background of leading and recruiting teams in the world of finance he is passionate about understanding the attributes behind successful people. He spends his spare time attempting to put his vast knowledge of how people learn into practice on his long suffering family.

Phoebe Lee

Phoebe is our resident polymath. She pulls together all of our tech, design, content and uses her legal qualifications to keep us all in order too. In addition to everything else, Phoe is also a brilliant 11+ tutor, a skill she saves for her charitable work with disadvantaged learners. When she isn’t helping everyone else Phoebe’s passion is anything and everything to do with the seaside: always with her toddler and puppy in tow of course...

Our Teachers

Sarah Dickenson

Sarah has spent over twenty years working in preparatory schools, initially at King’s Canterbury Junior School and latterly at Norland Place, Holland Park. She was Head of Maths at both schools and as a Year 6 form teacher she specialised in successfully preparing pupils for entry and scholarships to a wide range of independent and grammar schools. Sarah has been instrumental in the creation and development of our Online Reasoning Platform.

Jen Christie

Jen spent twelve years teaching English at one of London’s most prestigious independent prep schools, Pembridge Hall. She was Head of Year Six, guiding girls and their parents through the daunting 11+ process and her extensive knowledge has left her in high demand as a tutor amongst the children of, not least, heads of state. Each of her pupils in the latest exam season were awarded places at their first choice schools including St Paul’s and Westminster.

Abby Forster

Abby has been teaching for over two decades; she was Director of Studies at Eton End Prep for 14 years where her area of expertise and knowledge was in advising parents of suitable senior schools then preparing and delivering the curriculum pupils required for a range of Independent and Grammar 11+ entrance exams. Alongside, she has also been tutoring privately for pupils going through the entry process for schools such as Wellington, Bradfield and Wycombe Abbey.

Arabella Northey

Arabella spent the last fifteen years working in both state and private schools including Wetherby Prep and Fulham School where she successfully prepared pupils for both entry exams and scholarships to a wide range of day and boarding schools. In her most recent role as Deputy Head of Fulham Senior, Arabella developed and oversaw the implementation of the curriculum as well as the entry and interview process for both 11+ and 13+. Arabella is our Head of Learning.

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Jen really has an amazing way of engaging the twins in their learning and making it fun!

Georgie, Singapore

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