Our Proven & Trusted Approach

Our Proven & Trusted Approach

The World’s Best Teachers,
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Our Objectives:

  1. to enable your child to fulfil their potential and succeed in gaining a place at the right selective senior school for them;
  2. to do that in the most engaging, cost effective and pain free way as possible.

Our Approach:

Our approach to delivering our objective is informed by the science of learning, an unparalleled knowledge of the UK’s senior school entry system and a belief that technology is a positive development in education when it empowers teachers, rather than replacing them. 

Not only is each learner different, so are the needs and means of each family. So, to deliver the right learning programme for you and your child, we start each journey with a discussion to understand your objectives. Those conversations are with one of our senior leadership team who know the school landscape, what’s required for entry, and crucially who understand how children learn. 

This is followed by our own online diagnostic assessments to discover where their strengths and weaknesses are and then tailor a learning programme to close the gap between their current position and what is required for their target school.

If your child doesn’t need to do anything extra, we’ll tell you. If we do believe they need some help we’ll design, in conjunction with you, the most appropriate programme that takes into account their current level, the requirements of their target school(s), the time left until the assessments, their learning approach and your budget.   

To help reduce the price and allow our teachers to focus on teaching, all of the elements of our programme are delivered online. Your child’s programme will be made up of a single element or combination of on-demand video lessons on a particular 11+ topic, group lessons, targeted intervention groups or 1:1 lessons. Regular topic quizzes and tests help us to ensure that the topic is understood before we move on, or to further identify areas for improvement. 

With a question bank that covers all of the question types appearing in the CEM, GL, ISEB pre-test and individual school exams we also provide mock exam papers in order to familiarise pupils with what they will face, come the ‘real thing’. 

The Science of Learning

All of our teachers have been, or are in the process of being accredited as Thinking Matters ‘Cognitive Coaches’. This pedagogical approach is rooted and informed by the science of learning. It draws together the evidence of ‘what works’ to develop cognitive processes and high-order thinking skills, meta-cognition, and translates into practical ways to teach. 

The impact of the meta-cognitive approach is incredibly powerful. Recent research by Exeter University shows that pupils at schools which adopt this approach to teaching achieve an additional grade and half at GCSE; significantly above their predicted grades from entering secondary school. Whilst studies haven’t yet been done on the impact of 11+ scores we anticipate that the approach, particularly when applied in small group and individual settings, will be highly significant. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

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