December Mock Exams - ISEB pre-test

December Mock Exams - ISEB pre-test


November is here! As more schools begin to change their admissions entrance examinations and move online, give your child the best opportunity to perform well by signing up for our mock exams that cover the four sections of the ISEB pre-test, and other GL / CEM assessments.

Not only are we offering your child the chance to examine all their hard work in timed conditions, but following immediately with an exam review session. Delivered by an experienced 11+ teacher to give targeted feedback; this is one of the most effective ways to help them hone and perfect their skills in readiness for the real thing. Each 45 minute exam and accompanying 30 minute review is £40.

Our online mocks (created by hugely experienced 11+ examiners) and their accompanying online Review Sessions are designed to enable a rapid uplift in your child’s exam scores by:

  1.  Familiarising selective-school candidates with the pressures of a timed exam and the types of questions they will face in the various tests;
  2.  Instantly identifying (through our technology) the question your child is getting wrong and providing immediate, clarifying feedback delivered by an experienced 11+ teacher.

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What are we offering?

The My Learning Accelerator mock exam week starts on Monday 14th December 2020. Each exam is followed by a targeted feedback session with an experienced 11+ teacher.



Sign up for one, some or all of the exams and their accompanying reviews below.

Each 45 minute exam and accompanying 30 minute review is £40.

Whether you are seeking to offer your child some final preparation or wanting to gauge where they are ‘at’ ahead of the independent school pre-tests then our half-term ‘Mock Exam Week’ is the perfect preparation.

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Viku has thrived and I can see his confidence growing with each lesson.

Gayatri, Slough

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