Free Webinars for Parents

Free Webinars for Parents

There is no better way than a webinar to learn about us and our methodology. Meet our team, discover more about the requirements of the 11+, pre-test, the senior school entry process, the latest in relevant education trends and hear from parents who have chosen My Learning Accelerator.


Accelerating 11+ Success

How does one even begin to navigate the 11+ and all the possible assessments? Listen to Alisdair Wade (Founder) and Arabella Northey (Head of Learning) cut through the jargon!

The 11+ Catch-Up Curriculum

Worried after a term of home schooling? Listen to Alisdair Wade (Founder) and Arabella Northey (Head of Learning) talk about key ways to support your child and prepare them fully for what’s ahead.

Technique & Motivation for 11+ Revision

What are the intrinsic motivators for your child? Listen to Arabella Northey (Head of Learning) and Charlotte Wheeler (Head of Motivation Matters) discuss ways to engage and motivate your child as you prepare for the home strait.

Start benefitting from our Online 11+ Experts

Incredibly insightful. It's great to get to hear about the crazy 11+ process from experts and know what to do next.

Francoise, Notting Hill

The Online 11+ Experts

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