The Ultimate Online 11+ Tutoring Service

Accelerate outcomes & successful school entry
World class 11+ and pre-test teachers
Empowered via cutting edge technology
Instantly identifying strengths & problem areas
Tailored, cost effective online lessons

The Ultimate Online 11+ Tutoring Service

Accelerate outcomes & successful school entry
World class 11+ and pre-test teachers
Empowered via cutting edge technology
Instantly identifying strengths & problem areas
Tailored, cost effective online lessons

Who we are & what we do

We are a world leading 11+ tutoring service that offers the very best results for children and parents; we are second to none.  Passionate about helping you and your child to excel and to be the best that they can possibly be; enabling them to get into the senior school of their choice.

We provide the world’s best 11+ and pre-test teachers blended with the cutting edge technology of Moxams and the cognitive learning expertise of Thinking Matters to transform you and your child’s 11+ experience as well as rapidly improving your child’s performance.

How we work

The research is clear: the best teachers make the biggest difference to outcomes. So, we scoured the planet to identify the world’s best 11+ and pre-test teachers.  We then sought to give as many learners the option of gaining exposure to their expertise at far lower prices than would ordinarily be possible and are able to do this through the use of technology.

Our search to deliver the best value learning experience that makes the most impact doesn’t end there. We arm our elite teachers with an innovative learning platform that offers them instant insights enabling: 

  1. Our Head of Learning to tailor a programme to match the needs of each child;
  2. Our teachers to shape their lessons for maximum impact;
  3. Parents and students to visualise progress and understand requirements for next steps.
  4. Reduce the cost of being taught by the best teachers. 

And there’s more… each of our teachers are trained in the best-practice to deliver online learning and they are accredited as Thinking Matters “cognitive coaches”.  We ensure their teaching is centred on the latest research about the science of learning.


We will send you diagnostic papers in English, Maths and/or Reasoning. Your child can sit these, online, in their own time. They cover the key topics of all the exam types to give us a clear picture of your child’s understanding and confidence in each area. We also host short online mock interviews to assess interview and thinking skills.

Develop a Plan

Our Head of Learning will work with you to help analyse your child’s diagnostic results and establish a learning programme that works best for you and your child. This will come from a suite of high impact approaches: on demand videos and resources; live group lessons; one-to-one tutoring; small group tutoring; targeted interventions; and regular practice exam papers.


Track your child’s progress through our platform and watch as their grades and confidence grow as their learning accelerates. Benefit from regular conversations with our Head of Learning to continually shape and implement a bespoke programme that best suits your child.


What our parents & pupils say about us

The thinking classes were incredible. I could see how alive Olivia's brain was after them. She was buzzing with ideas.

Amanda, Maidstone

I'm amazed at how quickly Sam built a rapport with his 'classmates'. They seemed to have such fun

Emma, Buckingham

Each of Sylvia's teachers were just so good. She jumps onto the lessons, even after a busy day at school

Marta, Chelmsford

Thomas has moved from "I'm rubbish at maths" to always being first to answer the meal time mental arithmetic questions!

Susie, Woodbridge

Brilliant. The clarity of where Max was at and where he needed to get to throughout the whole process has been a revelation

Charlotte, Tonbridge

Our Subject Heads

Our teachers are what set us apart. Every one of our tutoring team has been handpicked for their years of experience and success in helping pupils gain entry into selective senior schools. With My Learning Accelerator you and your child are in the best hands.
Meet our four subject leaders here:

Sarah Dickenson - Maths

Sarah has spent over twenty years working in preparatory schools, initially at King’s Canterbury Junior School and latterly at Norland Place, Holland Park. She was Head of Maths at both schools and as a Year 6 form teacher she specialised in successfully preparing pupils for entry and scholarships to a wide range of independent and grammar schools. Sarah has been instrumental in the creation and development of our Online Reasoning Platform.

Jen Christie - English

Jen spent twelve years teaching English at one of London’s most prestigious independent prep schools, Pembridge Hall. She was Head of Year Six, guiding girls and their parents through the daunting 11+ process and her extensive knowledge has left her in high demand as a tutor amongst the children of, not least, heads of state. Each of her pupils in the latest exam season were awarded places at their first choice schools including St Paul’s and Westminster.

Abby Forster - Reasoning

Abby has been teaching for over two decades; she was Director of Studies at Eton End Prep for 14 years where her area of expertise and knowledge was in advising parents of suitable senior schools then preparing and delivering the curriculum pupils required for a range of Independent and Grammar 11+ entrance exams. Alongside, she has also been tutoring privately for pupils going through the entry process for schools such as Wellington, Bradfield and Wycombe Abbey.

Arabella Northey - Thinking skills

Arabella spent the last fifteen years working in both state and private schools including Wetherby Prep and Fulham School where she successfully prepared pupils for both entry and scholarships to a wide range of day and boarding schools. In her most recent role as Deputy Head of Fulham Senior, Arabella developed and oversaw the implementation of the curriculum as well as the entry and interview process for both 11+ and 13+. Arabella is our Head of Learning.

Like what you hear?

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As parents ourselves, we understand the need to select exactly the right 11+ tutoring service for our children.  For this reason we would like to invite you and your children to a free lesson of your choice from our Summer School timetable. Select from Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning.  

We would like to demonstrate our renowned approach and methodologies, cutting edge technology, introduce our exceptional teachers and most importantly demonstrate that our approach will accelerate your child’s performance enabling them to get into the senior school of choice.

We are the ultimate 11+ Tutoring Service and we would like to invite you to see why!


Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

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Our History & Heritage

My Learning Accelerator was spun out of Thinking Matters, a world leading schools consultancy specialising in the development of independent, metacognitive learners. In its work with prep, senior independent and grammar schools it became clear that the thinking processes, higher order thinking skills and intelligent learning behaviours that Thinking Matters are expert in, were at the heart of what senior schools were looking for in their entry assessments (i.e. the cognitive ability tests, the stretch questions in their written exams, interviews and team activities).

Spurred on by parents of the schools that Thinking Matters worked with, we decided to expand the Thinking Matters approach beyond our school offering. My Learning Accelerator was born.

To make the approach available to as wide an audience as possible, we decided it would be offered online. And once we went digital we developed a learning platform to match our ambition and to enable our teachers to focus on what would have the most impact…. their teaching.

To find out more contact us on 01672 841 824